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Flurry of Snow Ice King design by PoisonPineappleBread
Flurry of Snow Ice King design
So yea...this is my re-design of the Ice King for my fanfic, Flurry of Snow.  I tried to mix and match the Ice King with the Ice Queen to sort of smash them together to make this guy, personally I think it looks pretty cool.

I suck at flowy hair....*sigh*  In any case...enjoy!

Base made by :iconrabiddoller:

Ice King and all related Adventure Time characters are copyright to Cartoon Network.
The cold winds blew harshley all throughout the Ice Kingdom.  It wasn't very often that the Ice King let himself fall into a bad mood...well at least one as bad as this anyway.  It was often more so he just went about his usual business, spending his day planning the capture of another Princess, only to let them go the next day anyway.

Had it all simply become a dull game to him now?  Well, it was possible, but he'd never truly admit it.
His former fondness for Princess Gumball seemed even a distant memory now.  He thought often of what he was even doing with his time nowadays.  He'd found the time to lose his weight, shave his bierd, and even converted his ancient powerful crown into more of a sleek circlet around his forehead now.  He even tweeked his eyebrows, making them much longer, doing what he could to emulate his idol, the dazzling Ice Queen from all of his stories.

Yet despite all of this, he found his existence dull, meaningless....for lack of better word....boring.
He grumbled quietly, resting his sharp, icicle like fingers against his cheek as he leaned back upon his throne, gazing over his endless forays into Fan-Fiction that had collected all around him.  He'd read, and re-read through everything he wrote, and even wrote a bit more....but the world of Aaa only made him bitter nowadays...making him wish it was even more real then before.  

His mind swam through all of the many things that could possibly be wrong with him.  Perhaps today was just a bad day.  Was it?  Was it truly SO bad, that every thought in his brain turned dark, every flake of snow all around him seemed far less dazzling then a day ago...was THAT because it was just THAT bad of a day?

He couldn't help but start laughing, albeit bitterly.  He really must have just been bored.  
Well there is one cure for boredum.  Action.

A small...forgive the irony, fire bust within the Ice King's eyes as he lifted himself off of his throne, chuckling to himself, planning to attack Candy Kingdom once again.  Gunther had waddled his way over to him, gazing up to him, innocently, or stupidly enough.  Flapping his tniy little wings as Ice King leaned down patting his head.

"Now Now Gunther...Daddy's gonna go make a quick pit stop at Candy Kingdom mkay?  Stay here, don't break anything, and STAY OFF the Internet!  It's an evil evil place for such a cute little pudgy like you."  He'd softly squeeze Gunther in his arms, yet all the Penguin could reply with, was a hearty "wenk".

"Hehe, I knew you'd understand."  Ice King mused as he kissed the top of the Little penguin's head before immediately flying off.  His eyebrows wiggling mightilly as he did, his long cloak flowing behind him darkly as she grinned, the power of ice emmanating from his fingertips, the strong wind blowing against his bare face as he flew.

Oh yes, this was definately what he needed, he could feel all of the excitement building upw tihin his body, all of this pent up energy that he had been feeling useless without, just surging all too life all at once as he flew.

Glob it was exhilerating.

He couldn't help himself, letting out a maniacal laugh as he flew, kidnapping Bubblegum again would be such a treat!  She'd surely fall for him this time!

"HAHAHAHAHA!!!  CANDY KINGDOM BEWARE!!!  DADDY'S COMIN HOME!"  He yelled out over the roaring winds, the daytime sun did little warm anything around him as dark clouds gathered over him from his power.  In only a short flight, he could already see the Kingdom itself, it's many inhabitants running all about in fear as the Ice King made his way overhead, laughing as he launched bolt after bolt of ice all around, purposely missing the people as he froze the random objects all around them, watching ironically enough, as an ice cream truck carriage blasted into one of the many general stores. ice cream day.

Ignoring the residents after that, Ice King grinned evilly as he witnessed the palace in sight, flying up upon the balcony as he smashed through it all too eagerly with a  large, terrifying hammer of ice.  The walls crumbled as a deep chill spread throughout the glamorous, tasty palace.  Princess Gumball herself presently terrified as she backed away, trying to hide from the new and improved Ice King.  Who, by the way was currently making his way over towards her, flicking his fingers playfully as snow fell all around him.

"Hey PB!  Hope you didn't miss me too bad!  Hope ya don't mind...but your comin with me~."  He grinned, her stammering as she backed away was so cute...yet...even as he approached her, goal in sight....he felt something don't know....missing.

"ICE KING!  WATCHU DOIN ALL UP IN THE PRINCESSES" HOME BRUH!?!?!?"  There it was....that's what was missing....that ear quivering noise of Finn the Human.  The Hero of Ooo, and his beloved partner, Jake the Dog.  Ice King's blood lept within his veins, as if someone flicked the "on" switch, and he smirked now turning towards Finn who now drew his powerful leaf blade from his arm.  To answer in return, Ice King clapped his hands together, before pulling them apart as a long shimmering ice blade formed within his hands.  Gripping the handle tightly, he slowly circled Jake as his hair fell all about him, giving him an almost sadistic stature as he tilted his head.

" cute...what took ya little boy?  Get stuck in school?"  The Ice King taunted, as he grinned, continue to circle both Finn and Jake.  Jake forming two giant boxing fists as he growled, glaring towards the Ice King maliciously, who only feined terror.

"Oh no!  So scary!  Scram flea bag!"  He grumbled as he rose his free hand up, making the snow that currently coated the ground smoosh together, forming a giant being of snow that resembled a werewolf looking creature.  Jake's eyes widened, immediately forming to his massive size as he went to tackle the beast to keep it off of Finn.

The death glare that Finn shared with Ice King was amazing.  Ice King's whole body shivered....not from the cold, but from the sheer joy he felt from being this alive.  Now immediately roaring as he brought down the cold blade against Finn's green blade.  The weapons clanged and clattered as Finn brought his sword up to smack against the Ice King's, trying to force him back.  The Ice King didn't back down, he couldn't back down....he needed this.  He forced his weight down against the blade, which albeit wasn't too much anymore, but it was still incredible the inhuman strength that Finn felt pushing down against him.
Finn grumbled and grunted before kicking down at the ice King's legs, making him stumble back a bit to get his barings, before Finn jumped forward, slamming his sword down against the Ice King, who deftly blocked it.  Bring himself back as he swung his sword in a long, arching motion to slash against Finn.  Finn quickly ducked under the blade charging forth, trying desperately to stab towards the Ice King, who deftly moved side to side, as if playing a game, rather then fighting a life or death battle.
This was greatly frustrating Finn, who currently was breathing heavilly, never usually taking much effort to defeat the Ice king, this time, it felt incredibly different from before.  With each swing of the sword, with each clanging of their blades against one another's all he'd feel is a powerful urge of evil, and yet...enjoyment from the Ice King, who looked like he was just having the time of his life as he deftly moved all about Finn.  Finn dared to glance over to Jake, concerned on how he was doing, only to witness the giant dog grappling with the Ice Werewolf monster, holding it in a headlock as he gave it a heavy duty power noogie.  

The power in that move was real indeed.

Ice King laughed as he coated the ground around them in ice, sliding and moving deftly all along it, throwing Finn heavilly off guard as he tried to stay standing, blocking several of the Ice King's quick, deadly slashes.  He growled towards his nemesis, now stabbing his leaf blade into the hardened ice, using it to help him keep his balance, the ice very slowly melting as the Ice King made his move over towards Finn moving to the side with a long sliding swipe of the sword, only for Finn to kick the flat side of the blade up, making Ice King stumble slightly as the blade almost flew over head, holding onto it tightly, not noticing as Finn pulled his sword out of the ground, charging forth with his shoulder bared, connecting with Ice King as they both slammed into the wall, smashing him through it as they both fell towards the ground down below the palace from a long, long, Looooooooooooong drop.  

Ice King felt the wind knocked out of him from this, almost feeling blood forming at his lips and stars tingling around his eyes, but the moment he noticed what was going on, his eyes widened as he gripped Finn's back tightly, de-forming his ice blade as he let his free hand aim downwards, firing off a large current of ice that slowed their descent considerably.  Though that didn't prevent the eventual pain of reaching the ground as Finn slammed down upon him, his shoulder digging into the Ice King's chest, who now grunted and gasped, press his hand against Finn's back harder now as he let his cold, chilling power encoat the child completley in a thick sheet of ice.

Coughing heavilly as he slowly stood, the Ice King would marvel upon his work, breathing with considerable effort as he backed away, falling to his knees.  Though he didn't have too much time to think before he felt every muscle in his back aching as a giant fist sent him straight into the air, feeling a cracking in his back as he plummeted towards the ground, Ice King barely had time to start flying away, using this chance to quickly escape, despite the fact that in his current state, his powers wouldn't last very long.

"Yea ya bum!  Ya better run!"  Jake shouted victoriously, before he immediately went about trying to free Finn from the prison of ice that still covered his body.  Princess Gumball sighing in relief when she noticed the battle was over, immediately assisting Jake now as they helped to thaw Finn.
It took several minutes, and plenty of licking on Jake's part, however he may have regretted it, but Finn was finally freed from his prison, groaning as he lay upon the ground, water around him from the melted ice, shuddering heavilly, feeling like every muscle in his body was sore from how cold it was.  Looking up towards Jake and Bubblegum, before giving them both a thumbs up, which they happily returned.

Yet, as Ice King made his return to his home within the Ice Kingdom, sorely beaten...he didn't...feel defeated at all.  If anything, he felt more victorious then ever, he enjoyed every single moment of that fight, every tingling feeling of his battle against Finn as their blades clashed, the soreness in his chest and back from where he was struck, the cold chill he got from his palm when he froze was great....perfect.

It was exactly what he needed, everything felt like it was put back into it's proper order once again, and he couldn'tm be happier for it, whiping a bit of his dripping purple blood from his lips as he all too happily began laughing....which he sorely regretted once he started coughing.  But Glob dangit he was in a darned good mood now!  It was worth it.

Finally, he returned home to the blistering cold of his kingdom, being welcomed by the deafeningly harsh winds that blew all around him, he couldn't help but smile, flying onto one of his many grand balconies, he breathed and panted heavilly, his power was nearly drained, and yet he felt so good, he felt like he'd just won the lottery three times over, and this feeling was only getting stronger.  
"Wenk?"  He could hear the sound of Gunther as the penguin approached him, now tugging softly on his robe, to which Ice King simply laughed as he pat his head, happily hugging him tightly, making the penguin give out a light squeek.

"Gunther my lad, Daddy's feeeeeeeeelin' the grooooove~!  Wooooooooot!!!!!"  He flailed his arms as he dropped Gunther upon the floor, starting his eager jittery little dance, Gunther fallowing suit...though on his back so it looked even more humurous with the waddling and flailing.  Ice King humming and whistling little victory tunes to himself as he danced in circles all around the penguin.

"Well....I certainly didn't come to see this."  Came a soft, sarcastic voice from the hallway connecting the balcony to Ice King's throne room.  Immediately the Ice King stopped dancing, baring his sharpened fang like teeth as cold bolts collected on his hand, turning to face the intruder now.

"ALRIGHT WHO'S THE-oh hey Marceline what's up?"  

To be Continued......
Flurry of Snow Prologue
My little fanfic dedicated to the Ice King, and SLIIIIIGHTLY hinting towards Ice Queen as well.  I LOVE Adventure Time, and this felt really good to finally get off my mind when I wrote this out.  It....was....awesome.

In any case, I'll post a pic of how the redesigned Ice King looks, but until then, enjoy the story, rate and review!  Please let me know what you think!

Adventure Time and all related characters are copyright to Cartoon Network and all related promotions.
The One whom I fight for...(Story) by PoisonPineappleBread
The One whom I fight for...(Story)
I could feel myself drifted away once more, being torn away from my musings with my beloved wife and children to yet again take part in this silly little battle that seemed to find it's way back to us no matter where we went off to.
I looked around me, we were in that old jungle like area once more, turning to see my....well....allies as I should call them, I felt a quick sense of....relief, seeing my children alongside me in this fight.  Hel stood beside her brother Fenrir, petting at his muzzle as she put some potions upon her belt.  I smiled inwardly but hid it as I turned to face who else was to accompany us, it was some...strange goddess I'd seen several times before....she had blue skin, four arms, and carried to blades, a spear, and a lantern of sorts.

She...reminded me strangely of my wife back home.  I must have given out a bitter sigh, because immediately she turned to glare at me.  I waved it off, amused with how quickly she became fumed and angry.  Checking my daggers upon my belt, I immediately ran off into the jungle with my children and the goddess.

Cutting through the camps was easy enough, Hel and Fenrir decimated one half, while the goddess and I took care of the other.  I became endowed with a burst of speed that made me feel as quick as lightning, perhaps even quicker then Thor's alcohol tolerance...hee hee....

Regardless, the goddess burst out from the jungle into the lane towards our enemies.  It was some crocodile with a large axe and....ugh....that...time travelling buffoon.  How I despised that thing.  I drew my blades as I lept in with the goddess, using my stealth to my advantage, my blades sharpened as I slashed towards the time traveler's armor, denting it inwards.  

I must have shocked him greatly, for no sooner had I done that, then had he disappeared into a strange portal in the took everything I had not to start cackling at the fool's embarassment.  Turning back i witness several of my allied minions fall before the crocodile's jaws.  Immediately my eyes alit with fury, i had no care for those minions....and yet...i felt a strange sense of sadness as I watched them fall, immediately bringing up my decoy to distract the enemy minions, the goddess went about her lengthy attack on the crocodile, wearing him down as I came up behind him, position my blades around the unscaled bits of his neck....blood fell from the Nile there.

From a distance I could hear the clattering of armor, and the insane laughing of my daughter.  Curiosity, and a strange sense of worry piqued me, so I immediately ran into the jungle towards the lane that my children were in...perhaps i was worried because I was their father....?   ...perhaps.

But worries were unfounded.  In the other lane, what I saw...either horrified me, or made me the proudest pa-paaa in the worlds.  I watched as my son grew to his massive wolfen size, siezing some strange bird like creature in his maws, the creature cackled and yackled annoyingly, but thank Valhalla my beautiful daughter managed to silence him with one decisive blast into my son's mouth.  Once the fool was destroyed, his ally, our own dear beloved Tyr no less, immediately ran for his life.  That's when I lost it and began laughing.  So mighty and powerful the lawgiver was, that he would run like a coward from my less my son who took his hand off.  
I watched as Hel pet her brother once more upon his head, placing a gentle kiss upon his muzzle before assuming her softer, light stance, a soft white light coveting over herself and Fenrir as the two slowly teleported back to tower.  I don't know why...but I walked away tearfully from this, teleporting away as well...

I missed my wife...

I tried to shake the thoughts from my mind as I returned to my lane, my blades sharpened, i would glare forward towards the time traveler once more, he tried to fire off a massive wave towards myself and the goddess, but we both easilly moved out of the way.  I took my chance, became stealthy once more, and immediately pounced upon the traveler, the goddess doing  the same as we piled upon him, slashing and tearing at him until he was no more.  The crocodile could do nothing but run from us as we made short work of the tower.  I would feel the ground crumbling as one of the mighty siege minions came forth.  I looked up towards it, tilting my hood down as I noticed the small overconfident engineer minions atop the mighty majestic was...mortifying to say the least.

I ignored the beast afterwords however, and immediately made myself scarce, knowing full well that the enemy would pile upon the siege minion, I went towards my children with full haste, not slowing in the least.  What happened then, was glorious, as a family, we cut through the next two towers, cutting apart the unneeded fool Tyr as he tried to stop us, Fenrir taking in the taste of the imbecile's left hand.  Hm...quite a treat indeed.  And then, we came upon the pheonix.  I glared towards the majestic fiery creature.  It would caw out beautifully, but...what needed to be done...needed to be done.  I charged forth with my son as we both slashed at the beast, my daughter right behind us, protecting us from it's fire with her shielding light.  

I could feel a disturbance however....the enemy was now onto us and had destroyed our siege would not be long before they made their way upon us.  I hurried along with my son as we both steeled ourselves, slashing even more vigorously at the phoenix, before finally, the blazing bird met it's demise upon my daughter's dark magic.

Ahead of us I could spot all of our enemies.  It was easy to see the desperation and the bloodlust within their eyes as they charged towards us, grimacing I pushed my son and my daughter back.  I knew how the laws of this realm worked, we would simply come back if slain....and yet...I could never bear to watch my own son and daughter feel such pain before my eyes...I glared forward as Tyr brought down his massive blade against my daggers, forcing my forward as I tried to backflip out of the way.  

I assumed I was a goner as I saw a beam of light ready to be fired at me.

And yet, it never came.

I stared forward, my eyes widening as I witnessed, what I had to believe was my wife....cutting through each and every single one of the enemy.  First the bird was hacked up like a roast chicken, ending his cackling, then the time traveler and his crocodile friend were next in line, being easilly torn asunder by my love's increcdible might.  

I glared forward at Tyr, I saw him running towards her and I snarled.  There was no way in the 9 Hells that my daughter ruled that I would allow that trash to even look at my wife, let alone harm her.  I sharpened my blades, blood dripping from them as I immeidatley pounced upon Tyr's back, my daggers embedded deep into the lawgiver's back....I had ended him with little thought.

I would finally turn to face my wife now...yet...immense disappointment would meet my gaze as I faced the goddess once more.  I gave out a begrudging sigh...the prospect of seeing my wife made my entire being swoon....and yet...I rushed quickly ahead with her towards the enemy's titan.  A strange twin linked beast, I had never understood it, nor should I care to.  I could feel a warm light as my son and daughter rushed to my side and protected me as we took apart the titan once again.  

Victory was ours....and I could soon be with her yet again...

My beloved Angerboda....

I love you..


Before any of you say anything, I will say this.  I prefer the idea of Loki being with Angrboda compared to Sigyn.  I simply like the concept of the couple better.  I'm aware they weren't actually married in the lore, but I once more simply prefer it this way.

I wrote this for my girlfriend.  :iconreddeathblood:  I love you baby :heart:

This picture of Loki and the concept behind this story is copyright to Hi-Rez Studios.  All copyright goes to them and no profit was made from the writing of this story.
Siegfried Scheiffer the Plague Doctor by PoisonPineappleBread
Siegfried Scheiffer the Plague Doctor
Siegfried Scheiffer

Age:  35 years old
Race:  Human

Height:  6'1

Weight:  149 lbs.

Alighnment:  Chaotic Neutral

Phsysical Appearance:  Typically when not clothed in his usual Plague Doctor attire, he has a sickly appearance.  Having pale skin, sunken blue eyes, a malnourished yet surprisingly strong physicality.  Long grey hair that flows down his back under his robes when clothed.  Typically has a malnourished look to him, suggesting he eats very little.

Personality:  Anti-social to a fault, he has little to no care for any that aren't his patients.  Has a complete turn of personality when it comes to his work, constantly getting excited and humming old musical tunes as he focuses upon his work, as if lost into a different world all together.  Religion is a cold topic for him, he believes that religion belongs to those who have no faith in science, and that trusting in it brings more suffering then otherwise needed.

History:  Siegfried was born to a peasant family in a village far to the north.  The northern villages typically had to fear for themselves due to constant raider attacks that had claimed the lives of many.  Siegfried was born around the time that the village itself was preparing it's mass movement south, intending to escape the raiders forever.  Unfortunately during all of this, his mother fell ill and was bed ridden, unable to move, and thus, unable to travel safely.

His father wasn't willing to leave her behind, and was thus adament in his decision to wait.  Thus, the other villagers left, while Siegfried was left to fend for himself, his mother, and his father.  Though the constant threats of the raiders oncoming invasion, Siegfried's father desperately sought for ways to cure his wife of her ailments, but to no avail.  Siegfried found himself entranced by this sickness that had forced such an impact upon his father.  Taking much of his free time to go through medical journals that the village doctor had left behind, thumbing through them almost obsessively.  Taking note of all of the different sicknesses, diseases, and ailments in general that humanity was prone to.

Sadly, his mother finally passed away after almost an entire week of constant sweat, black spots upon her body, and other such weakenings to her body.  HIs father lost his mind entirely and took his pitchfork, heading north to go after the Raiders.  

Siegfried, left to fend for himself, packed up what medical journals he could, and any other supplies he could manage.  Leaving the village, he went south, and after almost 3 weeks of travel, he came upon a rather large city.  This being the city the villagers he had known had gone to.  Once he arrived, he was taken in by his father's friend, who started to raise the boy, noting his aspirations, he tried to help gear him towards a medical profession.

Once he had reached an able age, Siegfried went about constructing his own unique outfit that would suit his new profession, his obsession with disease had served a unique use to him, learning how to make certain kinds of poisons, chemicals, and even cures to what were once uncurable plagues.  Though, strangely enough, the young man found a strange delight in watching his poisons at work upon a body, and trying to cure it before administering another dose of an entirely different plague.

Whether it's for scientific reasons, curiosity, or....even more worriesome....sadism....there is no doubting Siegfried's abilities in the medical field.  For even should he bring a disease upon someone, he works through the day and night to find a cure for said ailments, never once diverting from his work, his obsession all too easilly known by all those who know him.


And that is my Plague Doctor's bio!  Hope you all like it!   I love the miniature that I commissioned, it looks so badass!

In any case, this character belongs to me, as does this specific form of the miniature.  (There was another made that has subtle differences, so I claim this one)

Siegfried belongs to me!
Symphony of my love for you by PoisonPineappleBread
Symphony of my love for you
To tell you how much I love you
Is impossible

To even try to tell you how my heart aches for you
is unmistakable

Every moment that I have without you in my arms
is unbearable

One look in your eyes and your smile, then I know that everything
is perfect

You make me desire to see the next day so badly and it lets me know that it
is unmistakable

I love you, so very much my life...and that
is all for you

I love you so much, 3 years isn't so long when you spend it as happily together as we have...yet I hope we spend far more then that together, perhaps even forever my love.

For my darling beloved :iconreddeathblood:



United States Virgin Islands
Let me grow wings

let me soar

I wish to fly forever

So God judge me no more.

Proud member :iconapprenticeshippingfc::iconthedarksorcerer::iconblackveilbridesarmy: :icongorillaz-fans: :iconcreate-your-oc-club: :iconmadmen-asylum: :icon2dfanclub: :iconhdworld: :iconandy-dennis-biersack: :iconthefallenangelsbvb: :iconcod-piece-warriors: :iconmiss-kneesocks-fc: :iconamateur-writing: :iconart--gallery: :iconthe-2nu-fanclub: :iconbvb-botdf-outcasts::iconsmite-club::iconxxuchihaclanxx::iconuchiha-clan::iconno-limits-art:
So this is my entry for the Super Smash Bros. Character entry.  If this goes well enough and gets enough views, then maybe he might be added to the game!  Which is why I want to spread it as much as possible!

In the video or down below, there is a link to the Smash Boards, and you can see what character I picked and why.  I'm DESPERATELY hoping this will spread enough, but I guess we'll just wait and see.

Link to character description:…

Link to video:…

Link on where to vote for characters:

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