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Claimed by PoisonPineappleBread
She pushed against him, she didn't let him move away, nor did he want to.  He could feel her breath on his as she leaned closer, wanting to kiss him, he knew she wanted to, so he gave her what she wanted.

Pressing his lips against hers, he kissed her deeply now, sealing his fate to her completely.

She had claimed him now. He was solely hers.

He was happy.


Collab with my love :iconreddeathblood:<3

Ghost is mine.

Chaos is hers.
The March of Chaos by PoisonPineappleBread
The March of Chaos

Armored boots clanked against the ground. The snow blew like dead leaves against them as the harsh wind cut through them like the unforgiving edge of a sharpened knife. The march was slow, tedious, but it was done so on purpose. Whetting the appetites of the warriors that marched, the hundreds of thousands who delighted in the pure butchery of war, and the satisfaction of the defeat of their neighbors.

One led in front of the rest, a warrior clad in exquisite armor, made from fine metal. It was a deep crimson red with shimmering white to accent the armor. The sight of this warrior alone was enough to make hundreds kneel before him, honoring him and serving him without question. His helmet bore no expression, no rage, no fear, no mercy, but behind it, was a delighted eager face. The face of a man who took joy in the sheer slaughter of his enemies, who delighted in the pain he wrought, and the bodies that would fall before him as wheat to the scythe. The long fur cloak he wore upon his armor blew behind him, covering him from the harsh biting winds more so then his armor.

Their march would finally come to a halt, though what lay in front of the massive horde, might as well have been a fine dinner in their honor. In their way, stood an army of men that were to defend their homes, their families, everything that they held dear against the horde of dark warriors that marched against them.

The Champion in the front glared all around at the soldiers that had positioned themselves to stand against him and his army, a small smirk of satisfaction lay under his helmet as he unsheathed his heavy blade from it's scabbard, it's barbed blade desperate to cleave into the flesh of his enemies, and to bathe in glory and gore that he would soon feed to it.

A large sounding roar came from his throat as he raised his sword high, before rushing towards the army in front of him, roars and screams resounding behind him as his own horde charged behind him, eager to cut through the army arrayed against them.

The men would position themselves with gunners in front, and archers beside them, ready to bring down the evil horde that now reared it's bestial head towards them, many shivering and freezing from the cold that they were never accustomed to, others almost downright trodden with fear at the sight of the massive warriors charging against them. They did all they could to calm themselves, many chanting as many prayers to their gods as was humanly possible, waiting for their order from their commander to fire.

The shouting cry to fire, and their screaming of gunfire broke through even this thick winter, animals fly and rushing away from the chaotic hellhole that now happened near them, as the clanging of steal and the sickening tear of flesh was all that was heard now.

Small iron balls and arrows would bounce off of the Champion's armor as he rushed towards his enemy, nothing would slow him down, nor would anything stop him, bringing his sword up once he reached the firing line, bringing it down upon the first poor soul within reach, killing them instantly and without mercy, the steel of his blade carving through the gunner's head without fail.

Many of his warriors fell before the gunfire and arrows, most had been barely pierced through the eye-holes of the helmets, or in other kinks of their armor that were weak spots to even this array of weaponry. Yet that would not stop this horde of madmen as they crashed against the line now, screams erupting as the men tried to fight back against them to no avail. Any attempt at stopping them ended with a mighty blow ending their struggle for survival, while others tried to run, but were dragged back into the carnage by a rampaging warrior.

The Champion cut his way through the army, watching as blood spilled in pools around him, hearing countless cries of blissful symphony to the Dark Gods that his other brothers served. Cutting through another soldier that dared to stand in his way, he now stood in front of the commander, who glared at him with a deadly calm, and as the fighting around them grew thicker, he would only glare back.

The challenge had been made, and he was all too eagerly to accept.

The commander brought his hammer forth, swinging it at the Champion, who blocked it with his blade, deflecting it to the side as he brought his fist down, smashing it against the commander's cheek, sending him down to the ground. Though this didn't end the commander's resolve. He quickly arose once more and tackled against the Champion in a desperate attempt to get him off of his feet, sending the warrior down as he brought his hammer up, more then eager to deal any final blow he could get upon him. The Champion reached up however, squeezing the wrist of the commander hard, preventing him from bringing down his heavy hammer upon his head, crushing the man's wrist, hearing his bones crunching as he did so, hearing the man's cries of pain soothed him. Throwing him down now, he made the commander lay against the ground, placing his foot upon his wrist so he would not be able to lift his hammer, once again putting more pressure on his wrist, delighting in the pain he caused, before raising his sword, bringing it down upon the commander's head, watching the blade sink in and as the last defiance fell before him.

His warriors had more then routed the army of men arrayed against them, any who saw their commander slain had done all they could to retreat, none given the chance to do so, mauled to death by the warriors that thirsted for more carnage, or by their large war hounds that feasted upon them as they ran from the battle. The Champion stood there, observing the remains of the battlefield, staring over the corpses all around him. Reveling in the conquest, and in the bloodshed, he would slowly sheathe his sword, staring down at the body of the commander for but a moment, giving a small nod of approval to the only worthy adversary he fought amongst the enemy ranks, before he continued his march, to catch up to his barbaric warriors and continue their passage to the cities, to finally conquer a world that rightfully belonged to them.

Victory in the end, would be it should.


A short thing I wrote for Warhammer because I downright love it.  I hope you all like it.  

Picture and Lore of the Story is copyright to @GamesWorkshop

Story made by me.

The truth of Slaanesh's Blessings by PoisonPineappleBread
The truth of Slaanesh's Blessings
"Only the most blessed among Slaanesh's chosen may bear the colors of the true Chaos Space Marines devoted to Slaanesh. We are the Slaaneshi Vanguard."

"We devote ourselves to the true utter perfections that Slaanesh feels free to bless us with, and we have no other wish then to give ourselves to them. We are keepers of the arts, saviors of the lost, and partakers of the highest of pleasures."

"We are the vanguard of Slaanesh! We come to kill for the Prince of Pleasure's eternal satisfaction! None shall stop our might!"

Lol decided to make my own warband of Chaos Space Marines.

The coloring on their armor is a very dark abyss purple and their trimming color is a metallic purplish color. The shoulder insignia is the Mark of Slaanesh, worn only by his most loyal and dedicated followers.

Slaanesh bless me with unique sensations and let me bask in utter bliss and show me nothing more then utter perfection.

This is a Dawn of War II screenshot and is copyrighted to Games Workshop, no copyright infringement was intended or is being called out. All rights go to Games Workshop for the Chaos Space marines Characters and Slaanesh.

The Slaaneshi Vanguard is my own creation and is copyright to me.
Dolone Desiderium by PoisonPineappleBread
Dolone Desiderium
Name:  Dolone Desiderium 

Age:  27

Sex:  Male

Height:  6'1

Weight:  149 lbs. (out of armor)

Rank:  Slaanesh Cultist

Armor:  Power Armor stolen from an inquisitor that passed along the rift after making a missed warp jump.  It has long been desecrated and violated by the vilest perversions of Slaanesh, and many other items that Dolone has managed to find.

Weapons:  Special blades along the fingers of his gloves that can cut through power armor, though they are rarely used.  Bolt Pistol.  Desecrated Power Sword.

Personality:  Depraved, and crazed from his exposure within the Eye of Terror, he has no semblance of honor, or peace.  He stalks any who interest him, and toys with them, taking pleasure in the insanity he causes them, before killing them.

History:  Dolone was born the child of a slave who was taken by Chaos Space Marines of the Emperor's Children on the planet of Scelus, formerly the home of the Sons of Malice.  He was intended to be used as a soldier in the future alongside his several brothers and sisters as heretics of Chaos birthed for the singular purpose of destruction and mayhem.  At an early age, he learned of war, chaos, rage, and most importantly of all, he learned of Slaanesh.  He learned of the boundless pleasures offered by the deity that the Chaos Space Marines that ruled over them served and devoted their lives to.  Growing obsessed as few ever can, he obsessed in warfare, deception, slaughter, debauchery, and all sorts of hedonistic darkness that few should ever dwell in, falling into a darkness worse then even the Chaos Space Marines around him.  One day, an Inquisitor along with a squad of Space Marines from the Dark Angels Chapter arrived upon the Chaos infected world, unaware of what was going on at first, sensing the taint, but not realizing in time, just how horrible it was.  

A dagger found it's way to his neck, and without so much as a scream, the entirety of his siblings and the Emperor's Children fall upon them and slaughtered them to the last man.  Taking the Inquisitor's power armor, Dolone would fashion it to his own needs and dedicate it solely to his particular patron, Slaanesh.  Coloring and decorating it, all too eagerly making it look sickly just for the pleasure of his God.

And thus, the legend of the Aspiring Champion began.


My Warhammer 40k character, Drawn by :iconreddeathblood: :heart:

Original picture and design idea (Given with permission) from here…

Dolone Desiderium is mine.

It's only $2  D:  COME ON!!!!


United States Virgin Islands
Let me grow wings

let me soar

I wish to fly forever

So God judge me no more.

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It's only $2  D:  COME ON!!!!

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