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Songs of Skyrim - Vol. 1 by PoisonPineappleBread
Songs of Skyrim - Vol. 1
Songs of Skyrim, vol. I

-A cold land, damned to all who enter.  Show strength of will, and stay alive forever.-

To any one person living here, the music of the land should always be upon your mind.  Let all of your worries sink away as te bards snig their tales of heroes, gods, good, and evil.  To give warmth in the cold, yet to bring even the harshest of enemies together.  I have witnessed in my long life, even the most bitter of enemies, drink and sing together in merriment, the moment an ancient tale of heroism is sung.  Even to a Dunmer such as myself, I could never help but fall into commplete relaxation, fall into a peace state that I could never, nor want to ever, escape from.  Songs and tales of such provide the audience with a sense of home should they be Nords, and awe should they be visitors.  I have seen sadly, a lack of songs from such times being played now.  With war in Skyrim ever present, it seems heroes of legend are forgotten, and heroes of today, butchers, and murderers are given more presence then even the ancient gods of Skyrm to which the native Nords base their entire culture around.  While I am Thalmor and proceed to carry out excursions of worship towards these false gods, I can't help but feel that this drives the people of SKyrim into ever present disorder that they could never even hope to recover from, never hope to try to relive their ancient legends that they desperately cling to.  People such as the Nords, are cruel and barbaric when given the chance, towards elfenkind especially.  Argonians, Khajits, even the native Bretons who had been reduced to warring factions known as the Forsworn, were created through the cruelty of Ancient Nords, and their bloodthirsty nature.  

So why then do I write of this?  Why do I give such empathy towards these hate-filled people of Skyrim?  I want those who witness this to know just how cruel any culture can be once derived of it's songs, and of it's very existence.  I write this in a way to preserve in some way, shape, or form, the culture that Skyrim is known for.

I want those who read these volumes of mine to feel the weight of this petty war that the fool, Ulfric Stormcloak has forced upon the people of Skyrim, and to show that we Thalmor will keep the peace, and defend the people of Skyrim from themselves as shepherds must to their flock.


To answer a quick question most will have, yes, he is a Dark Elf Thalmor.  The general attitude of Dunmer towards their Altmer cousins is actually pretty good, all things considered.  While they are guarded and extremely cautious around each other, they do trust each other more then they trust Nords.  

The Dark Elf shown in the picture is my own character, Nalagh.  A Dunmer resident of Skyrim, living mostly in Windhelm, he joined the Thalmor in an attempt to eliminate the Nordic's rascism towards other races, such as his own that was shown heavilly within the Gray-Quarters.  Due to this, his motivation is near fanatical, and he serves the Thalmor with near religious zeal.

Nalagh is copyright to me.

Picture was taken with a phone, all mentions, images, products shown are from the Elder Scrolls series copyrighted to Bethesda Game Studios.
Total war Suggestions by PoisonPineappleBread
Total war Suggestions
Zora Dominion

Zora Infantry:  The prime war machine of the Zora Dominion, the Zora Infantry are the true backbone and spearhead of any Zora army that advances in the name of the Domain Prime.  Clad in armor that shines beautifully whether in day, evening or night.  They give off an imposing presence, espacially in large numbers.  Though the armor is made more for show then for actual protection, the soldiers under the armor boast some of the most rigorous, and well drilled training around.

Zora Shock Trooper:  If even the might of the ever present Infantry can't bring the enemy to their knees, the ancient warriors known as the Shock Troopers march forth to meet an enemy they'd all too gladly cut apart with fanatic fury.  Long serving the royalty of the Dominion, these Troopers have even better training then their lesser counterparts, and their armor and weaponry is even more sharpened, giving them an unmatched edge upon the battlefield.

Domain Supreme:  The finest of even the mighty Dominion's regal army.  The Domain Supremes are the personal bodyguard of even Lord Jabu Jabu himself, regally guarding him, and the royalty of the domain, with a zealous nature, and deadly bladework.  Though they don't move as quickly as their allies in battle because of their rather impractical armor, the sight of a Supreme on a battlefield is enough to boost the already fanatic morale of any Dominion army to the point of driving victory into the hearts of soldiers on the brink of death.  

Lenuua:  A strategist employed early on his life by Zaleen, he has been taught constantly of military tactics, beauty, and of music most of all.  Lenuua was content to live away from all of the war and bloodshed that was all too constant around his home, playing songs to ease the minds of his people.  Even he however, was drawn into the war, taken once more under the wing of his mentor Zaleen, he would don the armor of a Shock Trooper, and bring forth a melody of death.  Kind to a fault, he despises violence, but can't escape what must be done in the day and age he lives in, making many look down on him as rather naive.  
River Zora/Empire of Bellum Zoras
Manhunters:  For the Zola, there are 2 options in life, fight, or die.  To fight is to be part of a war machine that can't be stopped.  The Manhunters make up the bulk of this war machine, launching constant, endless skirmishes and ambushes against any enemy unlucky enough to cross their path.  Lacking in formal training and equipment, they make up for it in sheer ferocity and bloodlust, making even seasoned veterans and royal knights quiver in fear at the sight of a Manhunter squad.

Raiders:  The life of any Zola is short, but for those who can fight, and survive to see another day, there are rewards befitting even royalty among their kind.  Raiders are the answer to any specialized fighting force, armed with mixed matches of armor, and weaponry from villages, towns, and castles on rare occassions, that they have looted, pillaged, and enslaved.  To become a Raider is much like the passage of adulthood, earning a place in the mighty armies that serve the countless rulers of the River.

River Zora Platoon:   Once under the rule of the Empire of Bellum, even the barbaric and unruly River Zoras gained a very valuable training regime within their military, and at the heart of it all, is the River Zora Platoon.  These warriors are barbaric, fierce, yet extremely organized.  Armed to the teeth with armor and weapons taken from many different lands that were conquered by Bellum, they lead the charge on land, and even at sea.  They are the first to reach the battlefield, and the last to leave, for even under the rule of Bellum, the victors always enjoy the spoils most.

Aruga:   Once a lowly soldier serving under the royalty of the Zola, Aruga came under the keen eye of Queen Sokuuf once the Zolas had been officially instigated into the Bellum Empire.  Becoming the first of many to don the armor of the River Zora Platoons, he became a favored pet of hers, so to speak, as he led the charge against many enemies of Bellum, and of the Zola.  Fanatical towards his Queen, he is hopelessely in love with her, though this is one sided, Sokuuf mearly using him as a meat shield to spearhead her own ends.  Nonetheless, he is a ferocious warrior on the battlefield and an able Navy Captain.


This is all a text-description I wanted to add to :iconundyingnephalim:'s game mod, Hyrule: Total War.

Most of them are simple unit edits, with one or two character bios because I couldn't help myself.  Note, I only did my favorite factions, I meant to do the Lanayru Zora as well, but I felt like there was really nothing I could add that he didn't do better anyway.

The descriptions I gave them are all my personal opinion on what I felt I saw when I played the mod, and I absolutely love it!  For any interested, here is a link to it.…

Note:  You need Medieval 2 total war, and all of the Kingdom expansions to make the mod work.

The mod and the presented image are copyright to :iconundyingnephalim:

Zelda is copyright to Nintendo
Claimed by PoisonPineappleBread
She pushed against him, she didn't let him move away, nor did he want to.  He could feel her breath on his as she leaned closer, wanting to kiss him, he knew she wanted to, so he gave her what she wanted.

Pressing his lips against hers, he kissed her deeply now, sealing his fate to her completely.

She had claimed him now. He was solely hers.

He was happy.


Collab with my love :iconreddeathblood:<3

Ghost is mine.

Chaos is hers.
The March of Chaos by PoisonPineappleBread
The March of Chaos

Armored boots clanked against the ground. The snow blew like dead leaves against them as the harsh wind cut through them like the unforgiving edge of a sharpened knife. The march was slow, tedious, but it was done so on purpose. Whetting the appetites of the warriors that marched, the hundreds of thousands who delighted in the pure butchery of war, and the satisfaction of the defeat of their neighbors.

One led in front of the rest, a warrior clad in exquisite armor, made from fine metal. It was a deep crimson red with shimmering white to accent the armor. The sight of this warrior alone was enough to make hundreds kneel before him, honoring him and serving him without question. His helmet bore no expression, no rage, no fear, no mercy, but behind it, was a delighted eager face. The face of a man who took joy in the sheer slaughter of his enemies, who delighted in the pain he wrought, and the bodies that would fall before him as wheat to the scythe. The long fur cloak he wore upon his armor blew behind him, covering him from the harsh biting winds more so then his armor.

Their march would finally come to a halt, though what lay in front of the massive horde, might as well have been a fine dinner in their honor. In their way, stood an army of men that were to defend their homes, their families, everything that they held dear against the horde of dark warriors that marched against them.

The Champion in the front glared all around at the soldiers that had positioned themselves to stand against him and his army, a small smirk of satisfaction lay under his helmet as he unsheathed his heavy blade from it's scabbard, it's barbed blade desperate to cleave into the flesh of his enemies, and to bathe in glory and gore that he would soon feed to it.

A large sounding roar came from his throat as he raised his sword high, before rushing towards the army in front of him, roars and screams resounding behind him as his own horde charged behind him, eager to cut through the army arrayed against them.

The men would position themselves with gunners in front, and archers beside them, ready to bring down the evil horde that now reared it's bestial head towards them, many shivering and freezing from the cold that they were never accustomed to, others almost downright trodden with fear at the sight of the massive warriors charging against them. They did all they could to calm themselves, many chanting as many prayers to their gods as was humanly possible, waiting for their order from their commander to fire.

The shouting cry to fire, and their screaming of gunfire broke through even this thick winter, animals fly and rushing away from the chaotic hellhole that now happened near them, as the clanging of steal and the sickening tear of flesh was all that was heard now.

Small iron balls and arrows would bounce off of the Champion's armor as he rushed towards his enemy, nothing would slow him down, nor would anything stop him, bringing his sword up once he reached the firing line, bringing it down upon the first poor soul within reach, killing them instantly and without mercy, the steel of his blade carving through the gunner's head without fail.

Many of his warriors fell before the gunfire and arrows, most had been barely pierced through the eye-holes of the helmets, or in other kinks of their armor that were weak spots to even this array of weaponry. Yet that would not stop this horde of madmen as they crashed against the line now, screams erupting as the men tried to fight back against them to no avail. Any attempt at stopping them ended with a mighty blow ending their struggle for survival, while others tried to run, but were dragged back into the carnage by a rampaging warrior.

The Champion cut his way through the army, watching as blood spilled in pools around him, hearing countless cries of blissful symphony to the Dark Gods that his other brothers served. Cutting through another soldier that dared to stand in his way, he now stood in front of the commander, who glared at him with a deadly calm, and as the fighting around them grew thicker, he would only glare back.

The challenge had been made, and he was all too eagerly to accept.

The commander brought his hammer forth, swinging it at the Champion, who blocked it with his blade, deflecting it to the side as he brought his fist down, smashing it against the commander's cheek, sending him down to the ground. Though this didn't end the commander's resolve. He quickly arose once more and tackled against the Champion in a desperate attempt to get him off of his feet, sending the warrior down as he brought his hammer up, more then eager to deal any final blow he could get upon him. The Champion reached up however, squeezing the wrist of the commander hard, preventing him from bringing down his heavy hammer upon his head, crushing the man's wrist, hearing his bones crunching as he did so, hearing the man's cries of pain soothed him. Throwing him down now, he made the commander lay against the ground, placing his foot upon his wrist so he would not be able to lift his hammer, once again putting more pressure on his wrist, delighting in the pain he caused, before raising his sword, bringing it down upon the commander's head, watching the blade sink in and as the last defiance fell before him.

His warriors had more then routed the army of men arrayed against them, any who saw their commander slain had done all they could to retreat, none given the chance to do so, mauled to death by the warriors that thirsted for more carnage, or by their large war hounds that feasted upon them as they ran from the battle. The Champion stood there, observing the remains of the battlefield, staring over the corpses all around him. Reveling in the conquest, and in the bloodshed, he would slowly sheathe his sword, staring down at the body of the commander for but a moment, giving a small nod of approval to the only worthy adversary he fought amongst the enemy ranks, before he continued his march, to catch up to his barbaric warriors and continue their passage to the cities, to finally conquer a world that rightfully belonged to them.

Victory in the end, would be it should.


A short thing I wrote for Warhammer because I downright love it.  I hope you all like it.  

Picture and Lore of the Story is copyright to @GamesWorkshop

Story made by me.



United States Virgin Islands
Let me grow wings

let me soar

I wish to fly forever

So God judge me no more.

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