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The truth of Slaanesh's Blessings by PoisonPineappleBread
The truth of Slaanesh's Blessings
"Only the most blessed among Slaanesh's chosen may bear the colors of the true Chaos Space Marines devoted to Slaanesh. We are the Slaaneshi Vanguard."

"We devote ourselves to the true utter perfections that Slaanesh feels free to bless us with, and we have no other wish then to give ourselves to them. We are keepers of the arts, saviors of the lost, and partakers of the highest of pleasures."

"We are the vanguard of Slaanesh! We come to kill for the Prince of Pleasure's eternal satisfaction! None shall stop our might!"

Lol decided to make my own warband of Chaos Space Marines.

The coloring on their armor is a very dark abyss purple and their trimming color is a metallic purplish color. The shoulder insignia is the Mark of Slaanesh, worn only by his most loyal and dedicated followers.

Slaanesh bless me with unique sensations and let me bask in utter bliss and show me nothing more then utter perfection.

This is a Dawn of War II screenshot and is copyrighted to Games Workshop, no copyright infringement was intended or is being called out. All rights go to Games Workshop for the Chaos Space marines Characters and Slaanesh.

The Slaaneshi Vanguard is my own creation and is copyright to me.
Dolone Desiderium by PoisonPineappleBread
Dolone Desiderium
Name:  Dolone Desiderium 

Age:  27

Sex:  Male

Height:  6'1

Weight:  149 lbs. (out of armor)

Rank:  Slaanesh Cultist

Armor:  Power Armor stolen from an inquisitor that passed along the rift after making a missed warp jump.  It has long been desecrated and violated by the vilest perversions of Slaanesh, and many other items that Dolone has managed to find.

Weapons:  Special blades along the fingers of his gloves that can cut through power armor, though they are rarely used.  Bolt Pistol.  Desecrated Power Sword.

Personality:  Depraved, and crazed from his exposure within the Eye of Terror, he has no semblance of honor, or peace.  He stalks any who interest him, and toys with them, taking pleasure in the insanity he causes them, before killing them.

History:  Dolone was born the child of a slave who was taken by Chaos Space Marines of the Emperor's Children on the planet of Scelus, formerly the home of the Sons of Malice.  He was intended to be used as a soldier in the future alongside his several brothers and sisters as heretics of Chaos birthed for the singular purpose of destruction and mayhem.  At an early age, he learned war, chaos, rage, and most importantly of all, he learned of Slaanesh.  He learned of the boundless pleasures offered by the deity that the Chaos Space Marines that ruled over them served and devoted their lives to.  Growing obsessed as few ever can, he obsessed in warfare, deception, slaughter, debauchery, and all sorts of hedonistic darkness that few should ever dwell in, falling into a darkness worse then eve the Chaos Space Marines around him.  One day, an Inquisitor arrived upon the Chaos infected world, unaware of what was going on at first, sensing the taint, but not realizing in time, just how horrible it was.  

A dagger found it's way to his neck, and without so much as a scream, the entirety of his siblings and the Emperor's Children fall upon them and slaughtered them to the last man.  Taking the Inquisitor's power armor, Dolone would fashion it to his own needs and dedicate it solely to his particular patron, Slaanesh.  Coloring and decorating it, all too eagerly making it look sickly just for the pleasure of his God.

And thus, the legend of the Aspiring Champion began.


My Warhammer 40k character, Drawn by :iconreddeathblood: :heart:

Original picture and design idea (Given with permission) from here…

Dolone Desiderium is mine.

It's only $2  D:  COME ON!!!!
Henry vs Slenderman Vs Jeff the Killer by PoisonPineappleBread
Henry vs Slenderman Vs Jeff the Killer
Yea....Henry would win.  No contest.

For 1.  Jeff is human, INSTANT elimination.

2.  Slenderman has one method of attack, and it doesn't work on demons.

Aka, Henry wins....easy.


Henry walked silently into the forest.  Lost in his thoughts, lighting up another cigarette upon his lips as he takes a quick puff of it.  Sighing quietly.  He almost would have enjoyed the evening, however....

A rustling in the bushes came, and out of the bushes came a man who looked like he'd been through hell and back.  His smile upon his face was just downright annoying.  Henry glared at him and throws his cigarette down putting it out as he does.

Before the 2 of them even made a move, they heard a staticy noise, and both turned to see a white faceless man with no hair, a business suit, and black tentacles sticking out of his back gazing quietly at them.  Henry thought he looked downright stupid.  Slowly pulling out his large rusty sword as Jeff pulled out his knife.

Oh this would be interesting.

Jeff ran towards Henry, but Henry shoved his foot forward, slamming it into Jeff's chest, sending him flying straight into a tree.  Slenderman immediately made an attack towards Henry with his tentacles, but Henry grasped onto one of them, cutting another off as he lifted Slenderman off of the ground, immediately slamming down upon the ground hard.  Henry rushed forward intending to slam his sword down upon Slenderman's face, but he was tackled by Jeff, sending them both down upon the ground.

Jeff immediately started trying to stab Henry, but Henry grasped his wrist, and in one fluid motion, snapped it, making Jeff cry out in pain.  But that was the last thing he'd ever do, after Henry forced his large rusty sword right through Jeff's chest, killing him instantly. 

Slowly Henry would stand up now, Jeff's limp body held upon his blade, and he dropped Jeff onto the ground.  Glaring towards Slenderman who was just now getting up, he slowly lit another cigarette, taking a long puff of it, before charging straight towards Slenderman.  Slenderman attacked him with his remaining tentacles, Henry cut away one of them, but two of them stabbed into his shoulder, lifting him off of the ground.  With a movement of his wrist, Henry made his sword spin, slicing the last few tentacles away.  He then immediately slammed his fist into Slenderman's chest forcing him against a tree, then immediately stabs his sword into Slenderman's neck pinning him there.  

He chuckles quietly and approaches Slenderman tilting his head, then he took his cigarette out of his mouth, pressing it against Slenderman's forehead, making it burn him, before he yanked his sword out of Slenderman's neck, and in one fluid motion, decapitated him.

He glanced around at the bodies of the two idiots he'd just fought and he sighs shrugging lightly taking one more puff of his cigarette before he walks off into the night.


Henry is mine

Slenderman and Jeff belongs to their respective owners.
Tears are shed, in symphony and in sorrow.
A true love give, and a true sadness shows.

Words cannot express the pain, nor the sadness we feel.
It's hard to know that in some ways, memories and the past shall heal.

Too soon you were gone, lost to us forever.
Only in what we have of you, can we remember.

We hope you rest well, healing and staying happy.
Knowing now that, that you can and shall be free.

Robin Williams, you were loved by all, and will always be apart of our lives and our past.
Know that even in your passing, you will never be forgotten, and that your memory shall always last.
R.I.P. Robin Williams
I wrote this for Robin Williams....It's harder then you know realizing that he's dead, and I hate it....I hope he's resting well wherever he is.  


United States Virgin Islands
Let me grow wings

let me soar

I wish to fly forever

So God judge me no more.

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It's only $2  D:  COME ON!!!!

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