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Siegfried Scheiffer the Plague Doctor by PoisonPineappleBread
Siegfried Scheiffer the Plague Doctor
Siegfried Scheiffer

Age:  35 years old
Race:  Human

Height:  6'1

Weight:  149 lbs.

Alighnment:  Chaotic Neutral

Phsysical Appearance:  Typically when not clothed in his usual Plague Doctor attire, he has a sickly appearance.  Having pale skin, sunken blue eyes, a malnourished yet surprisingly strong physicality.  Long grey hair that flows down his back under his robes when clothed.  Typically has a malnourished look to him, suggesting he eats very little.

Personality:  Anti-social to a fault, he has little to no care for any that aren't his patients.  Has a complete turn of personality when it comes to his work, constantly getting excited and humming old musical tunes as he focuses upon his work, as if lost into a different world all together.  Religion is a cold topic for him, he believes that religion belongs to those who have no faith in science, and that trusting in it brings more suffering then otherwise needed.

History:  Siegfried was born to a peasant family in a village far to the north.  The northern villages typically had to fear for themselves due to constant raider attacks that had claimed the lives of many.  Siegfried was born around the time that the village itself was preparing it's mass movement south, intending to escape the raiders forever.  Unfortunately during all of this, his mother fell ill and was bed ridden, unable to move, and thus, unable to travel safely.

His father wasn't willing to leave her behind, and was thus adament in his decision to wait.  Thus, the other villagers left, while Siegfried was left to fend for himself, his mother, and his father.  Though the constant threats of the raiders oncoming invasion, Siegfried's father desperately sought for ways to cure his wife of her ailments, but to no avail.  Siegfried found himself entranced by this sickness that had forced such an impact upon his father.  Taking much of his free time to go through medical journals that the village doctor had left behind, thumbing through them almost obsessively.  Taking note of all of the different sicknesses, diseases, and ailments in general that humanity was prone to.

Sadly, his mother finally passed away after almost an entire week of constant sweat, black spots upon her body, and other such weakenings to her body.  HIs father lost his mind entirely and took his pitchfork, heading north to go after the Raiders.  

Siegfried, left to fend for himself, packed up what medical journals he could, and any other supplies he could manage.  Leaving the village, he went south, and after almost 3 weeks of travel, he came upon a rather large city.  This being the city the villagers he had known had gone to.  Once he arrived, he was taken in by his father's friend, who started to raise the boy, noting his aspirations, he tried to help gear him towards a medical profession.

Once he had reached an able age, Siegfried went about constructing his own unique outfit that would suit his new profession, his obsession with disease had served a unique use to him, learning how to make certain kinds of poisons, chemicals, and even cures to what were once uncurable plagues.  Though, strangely enough, the young man found a strange delight in watching his poisons at work upon a body, and trying to cure it before administering another dose of an entirely different plague.

Whether it's for scientific reasons, curiosity, or....even more worriesome....sadism....there is no doubting Siegfried's abilities in the medical field.  For even should he bring a disease upon someone, he works through the day and night to find a cure for said ailments, never once diverting from his work, his obsession all too easilly known by all those who know him.


And that is my Plague Doctor's bio!  Hope you all like it!   I love the miniature that I commissioned, it looks so badass!

In any case, this character belongs to me, as does this specific form of the miniature.  (There was another made that has subtle differences, so I claim this one)

Siegfried belongs to me!
Symphony of my love for you by PoisonPineappleBread
Symphony of my love for you
To tell you how much I love you
Is impossible

To even try to tell you how my heart aches for you
is unmistakable

Every moment that I have without you in my arms
is unbearable

One look in your eyes and your smile, then I know that everything
is perfect

You make me desire to see the next day so badly and it lets me know that it
is unmistakable

I love you, so very much my life...and that
is all for you

I love you so much, 3 years isn't so long when you spend it as happily together as we have...yet I hope we spend far more then that together, perhaps even forever my love.

For my darling beloved :iconreddeathblood:

So this is my entry for the Super Smash Bros. Character entry.  If this goes well enough and gets enough views, then maybe he might be added to the game!  Which is why I want to spread it as much as possible!

In the video or down below, there is a link to the Smash Boards, and you can see what character I picked and why.  I'm DESPERATELY hoping this will spread enough, but I guess we'll just wait and see.

Link to character description:…

Link to video:…

Link on where to vote for characters:
Set God of Chaos by PoisonPineappleBread
Set God of Chaos
Now a person I watch on here drew a SPECTACULAR Set concept for Smite, honestly I thought it was just awesome!  They didn't have a lore to it though, so I figured I'd add my own, so I asked for their permission to post it here, so they let me!  

I ONLY did the Lore, the picture itself was drawn by :icontimelordjikan:

Smite is copyright to HiRez 

Link to original picture here…
Arctica made his way into the hallways of his castle, lost in his thoughts over what to do.  Lately tensions in his lands had risen more-so then usual.  Unrest was all too common, and even the many warriors in his castle were under the impression of the "End-Times" so to speak.  The Death of Klaus Demore, the man with the strongest influence in all of Hell, had effectively created a divide among the many Lords, and even Sonetara, the current Devil herself, and Klaus' daughter, was at...a loss for sanity.  Something that given with the current situation, was disastrous.

He grumbles as he rubs his forehead, politics were never his forte'.  He despised politics, always preferring to do things simply, hence why he lived in such harsh, but distant lands.  

As he walked however, he could hear silent sobs, tilting his head curiously, he made his way towards the entrance door, his eyes widening once he spotted his ward, Blood.  He had taken her in long ago for the treatment she received from her mother, Sonetara.  She had been scarred countless times, and there were times he wondered if she would be alright.  Yet seeing her like this, tugged at his frozen heart.

He made his way over to her silently, his armor clinking against the ground with every step, before he would kneel in front of hr now, she didn't seem to notice he was there, so he softly let his hand rest atop her head as gently as he could, running his fingers through her hair softly.

"...."  He said nothing, nor did she, she slowly looked up to him, tears soaking her golden eyes as she gazed into his own glimmering golden eyes.  She then had no hesitation, she simply pushed into him, hugging him tightly in her arms, sobbing and crying against his chest.  Arctica's eyes widened faintly, but he didn't push her away.  Instead, he wrapped his arms gently around her, gently stroking along her back as softly as he possibly can, rocking her within his arms gently and protectively, letting her get out all of her pain, all of her sorrow, wanting to take away all of her pain if possible.

So there they stayed, for several hours, the world was gone to them, they only had each other there in their arms...forever.
To be at your side...forever
For my beloved :iconreddeathblood:

I love you babe <3

Blood belongs to her, and Arctica belongs to me.



United States Virgin Islands
Let me grow wings

let me soar

I wish to fly forever

So God judge me no more.

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So this is my entry for the Super Smash Bros. Character entry.  If this goes well enough and gets enough views, then maybe he might be added to the game!  Which is why I want to spread it as much as possible!

In the video or down below, there is a link to the Smash Boards, and you can see what character I picked and why.  I'm DESPERATELY hoping this will spread enough, but I guess we'll just wait and see.

Link to character description:…

Link to video:…

Link on where to vote for characters:

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